Jul 17, 2016

Blue Streak

Lately, I've been on something of a blue streak.

In America, we use this expression to describe something that happens quickly or strikes like lightning (which is how the phrase originated). We all know speed isn't my strongest suit where knitting's concerned, so I'm using the alternate meaning, something that occurs repeatedly within a short timeframe.

This trend completely escaped my notice until I did the update on the power of Might Could. Once I spotted it, of course, I started seeing it everywhere.

There's the Angletyn afghan, which quite literally has a vivid blue streak:

The Alaris wrap, with variegated blue-green stripes:

The Graefen cloth and towel set, with plenty of solid turquoise blue:

The Tikkyn rainbow afghan, which has flashes of blue (upper right corner):

This soft, chenille Christmas tree in vivid turquoise:

And this shawl, which somehow jumped onto my needles in a moment of distraction:

As you also know, blue is my go-to solution when I knit for others. Among friends and family, it's either an all-time favorite or it works well with their physical coloring, home decor or both.

Their collective love of blue explains why so many shades of lake, sea and sky have found their way into my stash, and why my own personal rule is "when in doubt, make it blue." In fact, every yarn pictured below was purchased to make gifts for family and friends (and this is just the tip of the blue yarn iceberg :)

How long this streak will last, I can't say. Whether you're madly making mitts or passionate about purple, what kind of streak are you having?

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  1. Lots of lovely projects! I'm on a rainbow streak myself. The bulk of my current projects have every color in them.

  2. Like Kaelyn, I'm on a rainbow streak too!

  3. I love all things blue also, but my crafting is always very diverse in colors. I think that I get bored when I work with one color.


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