Nov 30, 2016

FO | Wyndfael Mitts

Every now and then, the holiday season takes on a magical quality. The demands of life and work slow to a wonderfully manageable pace. The air is still and crisp. Outside, the house is decorated, and inside, it's filled with delectable aromas as hearty soups simmer on the stove or spicy cookies bake in the oven. There's time in the evenings to snuggle under an afghan on the couch, watch holiday films and knit.

This is not that year.

My schedule is crazy busy, and my list of to-dos is so long it's mind boggling. Nonetheless, I've managed to tuck in a bit of knitting and slowly, slowly make some headway.

The Wyndfael mitts are one example. Fast and easy (no surprise there!), they worked up quickly, which was a great boon. In less than a week, they went from cast on to FO.

I'm inordinately pleased for several reasons. 

On the design side, I used my favorite two-stitch cable rib stitches, because they produce reversible fabrics with charming cables on the front and 2x2 ribs on the back. One mitt features left-twist cables and the other features right-twist cables creating a mirrored detail I find appealing. I'm also taken with the rich purple edging, which adds a spark of color.

On the practical side, these mitts fill a real, immediate need. Now that cold weather has arrived, I wear a pair every day from dawn to dusk, and this superwash merino yarn is light but cozy, the ideal weight for warmth without bulk. Also, thanks to the no-fuss thumb openings, I can just pop out my thumbs, push the mitts down, and wear them as wristers or scrunchy gauntlets when I need my hands free.

My to-do list is beckoning, so I have to run, but here are the basic details.

Mitts  |  Wyndfael Turquoise
Pattern: Coming very soon
Yarn: Merino 5 (Crystal Palace)
Weight: Worsted
Needles: US 8 (5 mm)
Yardage: 100 yards (approx)Size: M

The Wyndfael mitts pattern has been released!



  1. beautiful mitts and I hope your schedule slows a bit for you!

  2. Very nice, and they look lovely with your red nails!

  3. Beautiful! Just don't forget to breathe!


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