Feb 26, 2017

FO | Grey Daze Mitts & Shawl

The last time you saw these pieces, the mitts were fresh off the needles and the shawl was about halfway done. Temperatures were well below freezing and the skies were overcast.

The shawl and mitts are now finished, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. After a few tantalizing days of occasional sunshine and mild weather, the temps began to plummet, winds began to whip, and skies once again were grey as far as the eye could see. I'm especially delighted, therefore, to have these warm, worsted weight pieces completed.

Both the shawl and mitts were relatively fast, straightforward knits. For the mitts, I simply followed the Kintra pattern, adjusting the stitch count to accommodate worsted weight yarn. The shawl, which is worked sideways (tip-to-tip), came together smoothly with only a few minor tweaks.

Lightly blocked, the wingspan is 80 inches tip-to-tip and the depth is 20 inches at the center point. These dimensions work well for me, but there's plenty of stretch in the wool should I decide to block it more aggressively at a later time.

At this moment, I'm relishing the feel of light, lofty wool wrapped around my shoulders and warming my hands as I write. I'm enjoying the fact that as simple as these pieces are, they're the perfect complement to my black turtleneck and sweater. I'm also wallowing in the warm afterglow of a fresh FO and the satisfaction of adding another coordinating shawl and mitt set to my slowly growing collection.

Grey Daze Mitts & Shawl
Pattern: Kintra Mitts
Pattern: Shawl (personal pattern)
Yarn: Amherst (Valley Yarns)
Colors: Burgundy, Natural, Thistle
Needle: US 10 (6 mm)
Mitts: ~100 yards
Shawl: ~370 yards

With these pieces safely off the needles and already in active use, the grey streak is coming to a temporary halt. I'm tempted to cast on another shawl, but that will have to wait. Other projects, including a follow-up post on additional ways to create custom ombres and gradients, are demanding attention, so I'd better get busy.

What projects are demanding your attention?

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  1. That is absolutely beautiful. Lovely choice of colors and pattern. And I love thinking about and enjoying warm, toasty knits on cold, blustery days!!

  2. What beautiful pieces! I love the mitts especially.


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