May 27, 2018

WIP | It's a Breeze

While I won't claim every inch has been a breeze, overall this project continues to live up to its name. Herlacyn Breeze is progressing at a steady and  dare I say it?  satisfying pace.

When last we spoke, I had just begun the third and final strip.

As soon as that strip was completed, I began tackling the assembly process. Seaming isn't difficult, but I like to work carefully and slowly so my bind-off is even, and the diamonds and triangles are aligned from one strip to the next.

Seaming went smoothly, and pieces are starting to fall into place. Here's how things look right now, hot off the needles and unblocked.

While this comparatively rapid progress has been rewarding, there's still work to be done. The design calls for borders on all four edges, a task I hope to begin tackling tonight. Then there will, of course, be ends to weave and the whole thing will need to be properly blocked, but with a bit of luck and a fair wind, the FO may soon be ready to share.

Meanwhile, if you're in the US, please take time to remember and thank those who've served, then enjoy a relaxed and happy Memorial Day weekend!


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  1. OOh, it's neat to see this coming together. And the colours are gorgeous!

    1. It's always satisfying when the bits and pieces start to come together, isn't it? It's especially fun, since the color combo was one of the blog readers' top picks from the post Ombres & Gradients: Which Would You Choose?

  2. Good to see your work progressing. Can you tell I'm working through all the links to Ginx Woolly Linx. I love to see your links with your knitting projects.

    1. Great to see you here, Ginx, I've been following your progress, too!

  3. This is lovely, love the colors you chose.


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