Oct 21, 2018

Ongoing Obsessions

It was bound to happen. Between cool weather and my ongoing obsessions with neutral colors, gradients and ombres, my current need for more mitts had only one logical outcome.

Friday, I cast on a fresh pair in soft, warm worsted weight wool, even though there are several WIPs lingering in the background. I've made progress and would have made more, but three-quarters of the way through the first mitt, I decided I wanted it longer. So, I ripped back and added some additional length to each section.

To justify ignoring the WIPs, I opted to turn this into a stashbuster project. I limited the color palette and decided to work a simple, three-stage ombre with medium and charcoal grey leftovers from my Tikkyn Flagstone afghan

Meanwhile, I'm loving this particular slip stitch rib, which is stretchy, easy to work and somewhat magical (with a few minor changes, you can create very different effects). I'll share some examples of this one day soon, but for now, I'm eager to finish these, so I can pop them on, and cast on another pair.

What knitting obsessions are you indulging this week?

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