Oct 14, 2018

Mitt Weather

It's official. Mitt weather has arrived! Nighttime temps are in the 30s and 40s, and daytime temps are hovering in the mid-50s. For our region, this isn't cold, but it's cool enough to grab my attention.

With several pairs soaking in the sink, it seemed like a good time to inventory my fingerless mitt collection, so I could take steps to rectify any gaps. A couple years ago, I ruthlessly pitched quite a few pairs that had seen so much wear, they simply had to go. The current count stands at 23 pairs, but only a handful of them are shown below. 

Twenty-three pairs sounds like a lot, doesn't it? In reality, not so much.

As you well know, I don't just make mitts for show, I wear them basically year-round. In fall and winter, they're a cozy, knitterly antidote to my perpetually chilly home and office. In spring and summer, they keep my wrists and hands warm, helping to stave off the stiffness, aches and pains caused by computer work by day and knitting by night. 

So, if we deduct those made with premium yarns unsuitable for daily wear, plus the lightweight pairs made with cotton-wool blends, the fall-winter lineup of workhorse mitts is simply inadequate.

Long ago we agreed there's no such thing as too many mitts, so it's obvious I need to cast on some sturdy, practical pairs made with warm worsted and bulky weight wool. I'm off to scour the stash for possibilities and make more mitts.

Looking for the patterns? The examples shown include:
Kintra Mitts
Wyndfael Mitts
Colsie Mitts (pattern coming soon)


  1. 23 does sound like a lot of mitts. But I love that style of mitten, and you must always look coordinate. Thanks for joining in my party for October.

    1. When you wear mitts every day, it's amazing how quickly you work through them :) Thanks for stopping by!


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