Jan 26, 2020

Potato Chip Knits

Every now and then you run across a project that you simply can't put down, and for better or worse, that's precisely what's happened with my simple rectangular shawl. 

In a very short time (comparatively speaking, because I'm still a very slow knitter), it progressed 
from this:

To this:

The two deep colors involved in the second section are so closely related, it was often difficult to distinguish one from the other. Yep, this made the knitting a bit challenging (lots of bright light was essential), but I love the effect, so it was worth it.

Finishing the first two sections was so motivating, I decided to continue plugging away, so it quickly grew some more.

As knitters, many of us have our own version of what constitutes an irrisistable potato chip knit. For some of us, it might be complex lace, for others it's anything with cables. For still others, it's intarsia.

It could be anything, but clearly for me, the magic combo appears to be soft yarn, pretty colors, an easy but interesting stitch, and fairly frequent color changes. What's your version of a potato chip knit?




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    1. How nice to see you here, Linda! Thanks for your kind words. Now, I need to buckle down and work the edging so I can finally get this finished : )


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