Mar 6, 2016

Count the Ways

Periodically I prattle about my ongoing love affair with fingerless mitts. Through the years I've made so many, I've lost count.

At present, I have 14 pairs. Most of mine are plain and practical, but I love them with a ridiculous passion and wear each and every pair on a regular basis.

 Kintra Mitts (ladder rib)

You'll recall early last year I culled the collection, pitching mitts that had grown limp and lifeless. Since then I've been gradually replacing the dearly departed and building a small reserve in anticipation of those teetering on their last yarny legs.

 Kintra Mitts (round rib)

My current strategy is very straightforward: I'm making some for public wear to match or complement existing hand knit neck wear (scarves, kerchiefs, shawls, wraps). Others will use up lone rangers, odd balls and scraps, and some will allow me to test interesting stitches, especially those that are both stretchy and reversible. (Yet another obvious knitting obsession.)

In the past, we've discussed how many mitts are too many and wisely concluded there's no such thing. (Whew!)
 Kintra Mitts (round rib)

Some of you are thinking, with spring on the horizon who needs mitts? I can't speak for you, but in this region, mitts and shawls are two of the most useful spring (and fall) accessories, which may explain why there's a new sock weight mitt on the needles.

Since many of you love fingerless mitts as much as I do, tell me:
  • How many pairs have you made? 
  • How many are in your collection now? 
  • How and when do you wear them? 
  • Why do you make them? 
  • Which pair is your favorite and why? 
  • Do you make mitts for yourself, others or both?

Lush and lovely or simple and serviceable, we treasure our mitts for many reasons. Together, let's count the ways.


  1. I make them in fall and winter. I must have 4 pair right now. I love to give them as gifts. I just made a pair for my Minnesota sister in her favorite teams colors and she loved them. She even wore them OVER her gloves. You can't have too many!

  2. I've lost count of my fingerless mitt collection. I love wearing them so I need them in every colour to match all my jackets and scarves :)

    My all-time favourites are actually the first pair I ever made, which are Cheryl Niamath's Fetching from Knitty's Summer 2006 issue:

  3. I agree I love my fingerless mitts for Spring wearing!!! And I am a bit envious of your collection!!

  4. I'm working on a similar project! Coordinated-ish sets--a hat, cowl, and mitts that I can wear together that aren't too matchy matchy but still go together! I've only made four pairs for myself, but have plans for so many more ...

  5. Your fingerless mitts are so beautiful! I've never made any before, but I just might have to give it a go now!

  6. I adore fingerless mitts too! I will do a post about mine also, as I have quite a few...although most are crocheted...

  7. I don't actually have any - I like wrist warmers or full on mittens - but I did make a pink pair for my Mum who wore them to play the church organ!

  8. I love fingerless mitts too, you've got some lovely designs there. My current favourite are some sockweight ones with cables but when it's colder I've got some rainbow ones that are slightly felted from use and really cosy to wear

  9. I've never made any but that is one of my next to-do's. My daughter rides horses and she was gifted a pair last fall and they have been so handy over her riding gloves in the cold of winter. I have been asked to make several pairs for her and I have been browsing some patterns to choose which I like best. I LOVE the deep red pair you have there! I was pondering doing something with cables.


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