Dec 26, 2012

Update | Year of Projects 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, here's a quick roundup of my progress on my Year of Projects goals. (Links go to the Ravelry project pages.)

Primary Goals
  • Destash: 60+ skeins knitted/donated
  • Organize yarn, patterns, etc: Significant progress
  • Donate select surplus yarn: DONE?
  • Participate in first KAL: DONE
Stashbuster Sweaters
Stashbuster Projects
Turn WIPs into FOs
  • RWB summer tunic: Add edging
  • PMS sweater: Finish, modify or frog - UNDERWAY
  • Richesse scarflet: Finish or frog
  • Ivory silk lace scarf: Finish or frog - To be frogged
Swatch & Hone Skills
  • Swatch for ALL projects - Almost all, but not 100%
  • Block swatches for ALL projects - See above
  • Complete 25 swatches; learn new stitches/techniques - Completed 5+/-
Get & Stay Organized
  • Organize remaining stash: Nearly done
  • Organize/label swatches: Underway
  • Organize printed patterns: Underway
  • Organize/capture project notes: Underway
While my progress was far from perfect, overall, I'm pleased. I made significant headway in  key areas, such as destashing and organizing. Nonetheless, a number of items will either be carried over to the new year or dropped from the list.

In 2013, I plan to set fewer goals and focus on key priorities. Somewhere on that list, I need to add this: Learn to take better photos!

I hope you're having the happiest of holidays and I wish you a very bright and promising new year.

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