Jan 30, 2013

FO | The Swafghan is Finished - Updated

The swafghan, which I've been blathering about for awhile, is finished. Finally.

I'll share decent better photos as soon as it's blocked. (The blocking part may be difficult, since I can't seem to pry it out of my hands and off my knees.)

Meanwhile, the cheerful mix of colors raises my spirits, even on this gray and gloomy day. Perhaps they'll brighten your day, too.


Finally got some relatively decent photos of both sides of the finished piece (it's fully reversible, with different color combinations on each side).

Side 1

Side 2


WIP | An Afghan Named Sweater?
WIP | The Swafghan Comes Together

For those of you who've requested this pattern: Good news, it's in the tech editor's hands, and will hopefully be ready for release soon. 


  1. Knitted Rubik's cube? What a great idea! Seriously, love the pattern, love the colors! Good luck with the blocking.

  2. What a clever suggestion for the name. Meanwhile, blocking is underway. After all this time/effort I don't want to rush through the last stages and blow it. (Something I've been known to do.)

  3. I love the colors and the design! My boys would certainly love a blanket like that. If you do get around to writing up the pattern, I would certainly enjoy making for them. I don't do enough color work and this would be a great pattern to start. Awesome job and I truly enjoyed reading your blog. Take Care!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the blog and the blanket. What a sweet idea to do it for your boys.

      There have been several requests for the pattern, so I'm working on pulling my notes together. It may take a little while to get a pattern released, though, since I'm focused on deadlines at work.

      When it's ready, I'll be sure to do a post about it.

  4. Beautiful design and use of colours!


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