Jan 16, 2013

FO | Valery Hat

There are a number of finished objects from last year that I neglected to spotlight. The Valery hat is one of them.


Pattern:  Valery (Hip Knit Hats, by Cathy Carron)
Yarn: Merino Style (Knit Picks)
Weight: DK/8 ply
Used: Most of 2 skeins (246 yards)
Needles: US 8 (5mm)
Ravelry Notes: Here


Used DK instead of bulky weight yarn, which makes the hat light but warm.


I have issues with Merino Style. It’s softer than regular wool, but not as soft as most merino. It pills terribly and begins to look used and a bit raggedy with very little provocation. Perhaps that’s why it’s been discontinued.

I had a ton of it in my stash. I ordered it shortly after I’d taught my god-daughters how to knit and they were eager to start bigger projects. They quickly lost interest and moved onto other things. I used some for small projects (mitts, Christmas trees, etc.), but in the end, I donated all the untouched skeins.

Life is too short to knit with yarn that behaves poorly.

Next Time

The pattern tends to produce a peaked rather than rounded crown. I blocked it over a bowl and used a weight to flatten the crown, which worked more or less.

The bottom edge tends to curl under, so if I knit this pattern again, I’d add at least one or two extra rows of stockinette or a couple rows of garter for a better fit and more attractive appearance.

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