Jan 23, 2013

WIP | An Afghan Named Sweater?

Originally, this heap of knitting was intended to be a sweater – or more accurately, a loose, unstructured, kimono-like jacket with an emphasis on color.

As haphazard as it looks in the photo, there was a plan. And believe it or not, the project was nearly done. Then it stalled. This happened for a number of reasons, including a string of family crises beyond my control. Now, it's long past time to take this languishing UFO and turn it into ... something.

The new plan? Finish this as quickly as possible by converting it into an afghan. As easy as that sounds, it will take some doing, but at the moment it seems worth it. An afghan would see immediate and constant use due to the bitter cold we're experiencing.

The sweater-to-afghan conversion is now underway (accompanied by a bit of muttering and some mild profanity). Soon, however, I hope to be flaunting an FO and sharing a few project highlights.

Meanwhile, do you think if I continue to call this afghan "Sweater" it would qualify as an FO for the Stash Knit Down sweater group? Just wondering ...

The pattern has been released: Color Check Afghan (affectionately known as the Swafghan).
Brown Sheep Company has featured Color Check on their Facebook page.

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