Jun 14, 2013

FO | Leaning Bamboo

I'm still agonizing over the steps needed to finish the cabled blanket and wrestling with the decision process for my next project, so I decided I needed a low-key quick knit. Something relatively mindless and soothing, challenging enough to divert but not distract (or distress).

What offered just the right mix of familiarity and challenge? You guessed it, another dishcloth using a modified version of the bamboo stitch.
Bamboo Stitch - Version 1

A few weeks ago, I finished Version 1 (above), where only the knit stitches are twisted (ktbl). Last night, I tackled Version 2 (below), where all the stitches are twisted (ktbl, ptbl).
Bamboo Stitch - Version 2

Double twisting the stitches creates a significant amount of diagonal tension. I softened this slightly with a few shots of steam, but proper blocking will have to wait until I have more time and patience.

I plan to do one or two more variations on this stitch. Once they're finished and photographed, I promise I'll show them side by side and explain the differences. For now, I hope this little dishcloth with its leaning bamboo stitch will suffice.

Have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to visit FO Friday.


  1. I've never seen that stitch pattern before--cool texture!

    1. I really like it, too. The best news? Both sides are attractive, so it's reversible.

    2. PS: I'm finally getting around to soaking and blocking this cloth. I'll try to remember to post updated photos of both the front and back.

  2. Emily is right, interesting texture. Am looking forward to seeing more of these.


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