Jul 26, 2013

FO | More Red, White & Blue

There has been knitting. What there hasn't been much of is time, so I'm focusing on small things that lend themselves to the well-known knitting strategy of one row here, one row there.

Do enough of that, and eventually you end up with something like this:
Pattern: Pure Increase (my seed stitch version of the reverse mitered square)
Reversible: Yes
Yarn: Four Seasons (Classic Elite)
Needles: US 7 (4.5 mm)
Ravelry notes: Here

Yes, I'm continuing to add to my collection of red, white and blue cloths. Fourth of July is the peak red, white and blue holiday, but in America, we like to show our colors year round. Labor Day weekend is only a few weeks away, so there soon will be another opportunity to put out my growing red, white and blue set.
That's it, folks. I'm out of time. There are several other pieces that go with this collection, but they'll have to wait for another day.

Have a lovely weekend, one and all.


  1. Love how your red-white-blue collection is shaping up. Hope you plan to show the whole set soon.

  2. Your collection is looking great. I think smaller projects when you don't have much time can be just what you need

  3. I love the effect of the pure increase, it looks great!


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