Jan 26, 2014


Instead of boring you with lots of detail, I’ll just hit the highlights.
Right now, life in the non-knitting realm is hectic and sometimes complicated. The same is true for many of you, I’m sure.

Because of this, the better part of valor seemed obvious: Set very basic knitting goals for the year. Rather than detail specifics, I decided to emphasize core strategies: Keep things simple and straightforward. Focus. Finish.

In keeping with that spirit, I was working diligently on this …

Refining and retesting the pattern for this ...

Editing the near-final pattern for this ...

And then I had an idea for something different, something completely unrelated to anything on my existing list.

In one fell swoop, my basic knitting strategy began to unravel. 

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  1. Now I'm completely fascinated and need to know more!! ; )


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