Feb 5, 2014

WIP | Knitting Sunshine

Time is at a premium today, so I'll cut to the chase. To offset this:

(That's Gregory the Gargoyle, a gift from a friend. Notice how grumpy he looks.)

(UPDATE: Gregory had a right to look grumpy. By the end of the day, so much snow had fallen only the tips of his wings were visible.)

I'm making this:

Yes, it's another afghan. Yes, it's reversible. Yes, it features strip construction (my favorite approach to afghans). Yes, it's fast and easy (a quality I find irresistible as you know). Yes, it's being knit entirely from stash.

The best thing? It's little bit like knitting sunshine, something we've seen far too little of lately.

I hope the sun is shining in your little corner of the world. If it isn't, try creating your own by knitting something (anything) using your sunniest yarn.

This cheerful beginning turned into the first of several Twegen reversible afghans. You can read more about it and purchase the pattern here: Twegen Reversible Afghan.


  1. stash! sunny!! easy!!!!! WOW you hit the trifecta!!! pretty, too

  2. You know how much I love your afghans! Sadly, we're experiencing more snow and freezing rain today so I should stash dive and get sunshiny colors on my needles!

  3. I like the way you think, sunshine is definitely needed these days. I've had enough of snow for a while.

  4. Love that yellow color!. I need to make a little sweater for a friend's little girl and I am going to pull out some yellow yarn in my stash!

  5. Send some of that knitting sunshine my way, I need it! I love the idea of the double thickness.

  6. I am really drawn to the warm sunny yellows right now.. I love it! Your afghan will be lovely

  7. Love the colors - is there a pattern that you can recommend?

    1. Glad you like them. This is a new pattern I'm developing.

  8. A bit of sunshine with snow - it must brighten your day picking that up to work on :)

    And I can sympathise with the gargoyle, I'd be pretty grumpy sitting in the snow too ;)

  9. That is such a sunny yellow. Very welcome at this time of year!


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