Feb 19, 2014

WIP | How Twegen Came to Be

Last winter, I started an afghan. The primary goal was simple: Knit the stash.

The secondary goals were a bit more complex: I was so pleased with the Color Check afghan, I was eager to make another afghan but I wanted to test out a different approach.

I cast on in February and started knitting. For months, I plugged away at this project. I knit and frogged and reknit. Finally around the end of May, I completed the last strip. All I had to do was join the pieces and the darn thing would be done.

It never happened. The afghan crawled into the Vortex of Uncertainty and dragged me along for company:

  • Did the colors work? Uncertain. 
  • Was it well knit? Uncertain. 
  • Would the seams look delightful or disastrous? Uncertain. 
  • What color worked best for the seams? Uncertain. (That was totally my own fault, I used the designated yarn in another project.)

That unfinished afghan mocked me throughout summer, fall and early winter. In January, I buckled down and frogged it. I started working to develop a new concept. The basic criteria may sound familiar: Fast. Easy. Reversible. Strip construction. And 100% from existing stash.

Two weeks ago, desperate for a hint of sunshine to cut through the gloom, I cast on. After a bit of fussing and frogging and knitting and reknitting, I’ve made some headway.

(The yellow strip shows the back; the others show the front.)

The good news? The new concept is working well. So far.

The better news? It’s moving forward quickly.

The best news?  There’s visible progress. If this project continues at its current pace, this pesky yarn will soon be warming my legs and feet as an FO instead of skulking in the stash.

The prospect is satisfying, and it's a feeling I know you understand quite well.

Twegen, the pattern for this fast and easy reversible afghan has been released. 


  1. Wonderful colors! So glad things are working well! :)

  2. your new concept sounds great and its looking like such fun!!

  3. Your colors are so lovely and warm. The pattern seems simple and soothing; I like how it is reversible. I'm happy to hear that you are having a lot of success with this pattern - knitting that makes you unhappy isn't worth it. I'm very interested to see how the colors will all go together in the finished piece.

  4. I absolutely love this; the colors are beautiful!!!! Love, Alexandra.


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