Mar 5, 2014

WIP | The Good, the Bad, the Uglies

As you know, I've been diligently knitting from stash. In fact, everything I made last year was straight from stash and so far the same is true this year.

Buried in the stash are a number of yarns I refer to as the "uglies." Why? They look fine in the hank. They look equally fine when they're caked. But no matter what stitch I tried, they looked bad. Very, very bad. The colors were splotchy and the overall effect was unappealing.

Until now.

The two-toned confetti or speckled blend of red and ivory is one of the uglies. These are two shades I like very much, but in this yarn, the knitted effect was unappealing. After much experimentation, I finally paired it with a bright, saturated fuchsia, and so far it appears to be working. The fuchsia is strong enough to hold its own, and in this stitch, it's lending some rosy tones to the red-ivory yarn.

It will take time to see how this plays out in its entirety, but so far, it appears this stitch and the Twegen afghan pattern may be the ideal way to transform this cluster of uglies into something quite respectable. The first version incorporated one official ugly skein, the latest version will use at least three. I hope.

And that's good. Very, very good.


  1. Pink is my favorite color, and I really like how you've mixed the two yarns. Looks good! I recently ripped several projects so I could knit something else....they had been sitting for a while anyway.

  2. Love this post! I, too, have a number of "uglies" in my stash.... as you said: gorgeous in the skein, but horrible when knit or crocheted. I have worked some of them together with other yarns (although even that can be a challenge at times), but I love this stitch!


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