Mar 9, 2014

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Today is the first day of Daylight Savings Time (DST) in the US, the day when we set our clocks an hour ahead and spring forward. In autumn, of course, we reverse the process and fall back by setting our clocks back an hour.

This year, the arrival of DST made me think of knitting. Naturally.

As you know, my current work in progress is Twegen, a fast, easy, reversible afghan. This weekend, I finished the second strip and cast on for the third. As a slow knitter, it’s gratifying to spring forward so quickly (comparatively speaking) and see measurable progress in such a short period. Here’s the basic timeline so far: 

Strip 1 – Cast on March 1. Finished March 3.

Strip 2 – Cast on March 3. Finished March 7.

Strip 3 – Cast on March 8. Hope to finish March 10.

Keep in mind, my work schedule is nutty right now, so I’m logging very long hours seven days a week. This means significantly less knitting time.

Nonetheless, I finished Twegen Harvest in precisely three weeks (a remarkable feat for me) and would very much like to accomplish the same with this one for several reasons: I’m eager to see how the new colors play together when all the pieces are done. Medium weight, cotton-wool afghans get near constant use year round in this household, so it will be lovely to have another in the rotation. This stitch is fast, easy, versatile and pretty, so as soon as I finish this piece, I hope to experiment with new combinations.

So, time constraints aside, I'm extremely motivated to work on this project in every spare moment I can scavenge.

While the pieces come together, I’ve been periodically stopping to determine whether this version would look best bound and edged in a dark or light tone. Right now I’m favoring black, so I’ve set aside sufficient yarn for that purpose. Since I change my mind every other day, it seemed smart to have options, so I’ve also set aside sufficient ivory yarn. Just in case.

Like so many endeavors in knitting (and life), this project can be summed up in a few words: Spring forward. Fall back.


  1. Looking good so far, and great progress in a short time.

  2. had to giggle-----I'll change my mind by the minute, too! Back up plans are a necessity!!!!! (Thanks for stopping by my space! Lovely to have you.)

  3. Looking good......glad I am not the only one who constantly changes her mind!

  4. The colors and pattern are amazing! I'm looking forward to the pattern :)

  5. Love the colors especially your latest. Good luck finishing when you want to.

  6. I love the colors and the way that you photographed them!

  7. I love the colors your are using for your afghan. So pretty and springlike.

  8. Looks absolutely beautiful! I don't think you give yourself enough credit, anyone who can knit an afghan in 3 weeks is by no means a slow knitter.


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