May 31, 2015

Summer Blooms

Many of us have considerable yarn reserves, which makes knitting from stash an ongoing priority.

Based on your comments here and flash-the-stash threads on Ravelry, it's clear my yarn hoard is somewhere in the broad middle range: It’s substantial enough to provide variety, but not so massive it requires a new room addition.

The current stash in fact fits into its designated cupboards and drawers (more or less). I know this because I recently devoted a chunk of time to tidying up the studio space, returning yarn to bins, retrieving runaway needles, filing sketches, organizing current project notes, pitching outdated ones and trying to restore some semblance of order.

The results were far from perfect, but I confess, the process felt great and the space looked much more inviting.

It lasted for almost 24 hours. The simple acts of restashing yarn and clearing the decks revealed unseen possibilities. The studio space is now rapidly regressing as clusters of yarn continue to creep out of the cupboards and clamor for attention.

The rosy group above consists of Helen's Lace (Lorna'a Laces) with variegated rayon metallic (Blue Heron), while the bunch below shows Silk Ribbon and Regal Silk (Artyarns), Champagne (Grignasco), Wool Cotton 4-Ply (Rowan) and the last of my blue-green variegated rayon metallic (Blue Heron).

I’m not sure precisely what these skeins hope to become, but it’s clear they want their moment in the sun. Summer blooms, filled with bright promise and the tantalizing possibility of a fresh crop of knits. Straight from stash.

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  1. I need to devote some time to doing this in my studio. Love your analogy of blooms.

  2. I have recently had a sort out. Love all those rosy coloured yarns, they are screaming summer.

  3. Beautiful colours! I really need to bust some stash, but most of it is old acrylic that I'm not finding particularly inspiring. :(

  4. I love the colour combinations you put together, I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with those piles :)

  5. I always find that re-organizing my stash breeds inspiration.


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