Aug 2, 2015

WIPs | Multitasking Modules

It might be a natural side effect of fresh fiber fumes, but the decision to buy more yarn to use up stash has been energizing.

Ideas for shawls and wraps continue to bubble in the background, but at the moment I'm focusing on a handful of active WIPs.

Translation: Several new afghans are in the works. (Yes, several.)

As you can see, each one is at a slightly different stage of development from new WIP to fresh FO.

Put these unavoidable differences aside, however, and it's clear these projects share certain commonalities:

Reading that short list reminds me that as knitters, we all have our obsessions. 

For some of us, it's intricate lace shawls worked in the finest yarn and needles. For others, it's socks or hats worked in interesting textures and bright yarn. For still others, it's complex cables and expertly fitted cardigans.

For many of us, it's afghans, which in my world immediately equates to modules. In addition to its inherent versatility, the modular approach offers the payoffs I crave right now:

Multitasking modules. For me, it's a combination impossible to resist.


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