Oct 18, 2015

Two-Shawl Weather

In our little corner of the world, fall weather has arrived.

Mornings are chilly, evenings are cool and afternoons are crisp and breezy. I'm not quite ready to don full winter gear, but an extra layer of warmth is always welcome and often essential.

What's a knitter to do?

My solution has been simple: Wear two shawls. Today, the look features two Dojelings, a favorite pair-up for all sorts of reasons. The red shades are cheerful and warming, the colors coordinate nicely, and the combination works perfectly with my standard black attire.

At the moment, the smaller Wineberry is snuggled around my neck and the larger Blackberry is draped around my shoulders. In tandem they're ideal: Soft. Light. Cozy but not hot.

The closeup above shows Blackberry at the top and Wineberry at the bottom. To cap off the look, there are red merino fingerless mitts on my hands and the bold version of Flashpoint draped over my knees. (As you know, once the weather turns cool my office does too, so there's always at least one afghan folded at the ready over the back of an office chair.)

The two-shawl strategy is working well from a comfort standpoint, but as a fashion statement (ahem), it's putting my limited collection to the test. There are swatches on the needles and skeins vying for contention as companion pieces to complement Oyster Bay, but it's time to buckle down, make some decisions and get a new shawl underway.

Why? My optimistic self fervently hopes we'll have the mildest fall and winter on record, but my realistic side suspects two-shawl weather might be here to stay.

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  1. Oh how wonderfully warm and cosy that sounds! I love fingerless mitts, it's amazing how much heat they can generate just by wrapping up your wrists :)

  2. Love the idea of two at a time, am heading off now to test some different combinations ; )

  3. I love the colors of these two shawls. Especially the Wineberry. I followed the links to see how it is done - by coming to colors of yarn. It's just beautiful.

    1. So glad you like it!

      It incorporates one of my favorite techniques: Just alternate two rows of variegated with two rows of a closely related solid color. Prevents pooling and helps tone down a busy variegated yarn.

  4. Mmm I forgot about the cold that requires two shawls, hopefully it's a while away yet!

  5. Good idea! I like the colors!


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