Oct 11, 2015

Where Fiber Meets Fingers

National I Love Yarn Day (ILYD) is October 17, so consider this your early warning.

Mark your calendar and make plans to enjoy the occasion in true fiber fan style. This weekend is also the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival, but since many of us won't be able to attend, one of the best ways to celebrate is to visit our favorite LYS.

This is on my mind because through the marvels of Ravelry, I recently had an interesting exchange regarding the symbiotic relationship among yarn makers, yarn dyers, yarn buyers, designers and LYS owners. 
As part of that discussion, I commented that LYS owners ...
occupy that unique space where fiber meets fingers. You know what appeals to your customers, and you’re the ones who face the challenge of guiding them through the process of matching the right yarn and needles to the right patterns and vice versa.

The designer/knitter/yarn maker/seller relationship is complementary and when these factors come together, a little magic happens and everyone wins. As an added bonus, fiber folks are a generous lot, so loved ones and strangers frequently gain something too: 
  • A welcome-to-the-world baby blanket
  • A comforting shawl for a nursing mom or someone dealing with difficult challenges
  • A warm afghan for those who are frail, ill or simply far from home
  • A cozy hat, scarf or pair of mitts as a reminder we care
  • A small handcrafted coaster or cloth to make someone smile

It's easy to participate in ILYD, just visit your local yarn store. Inhale fiber fumes, pet some yarn and connect with those who share your passion. Find the perfect yarn and pattern so you can create something special. Take along a stubborn stash skein and pair it with new yarn to make something fresh and delightfulIndulge in a coveted set of needles. Work on a WIP or cast on a holiday gift. Teach someone to knit, attend a class or master a new stitch.

If you knit, crochet, design, dye, spin, weave or work with fiber in any way, it's likely your LYS plays a pivotal role in your creative endeavors. Celebrate your craft by doing what you love with others who love it, too, in that unique space where fiber meets fingers.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your celebration of yarn with the Knitting Love Link Party.

  2. Great reminder:
    Rhinebeck ... maybe someday.
    LYS ... always!


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