Apr 24, 2016

The Might Could List

Might could.

It's a phrase packed with wonderful possibilities, isn't it?

This lovely linguistic gem comes from the American south, where it surfaces in various ways. As a statement, it can confirm something will happen: Yes, I might could do that. It can convey agreement without actually making a commitment, thus leaving some waffle room: Yes, that might could happen. In a question, it often takes the form of a gentle, understated request that's hard to resist: Might could you do this for me?

I've been thinking about the power of might could, because it's the perfect phrase for knitters. Or perhaps, it's simply the perfect phrase for this knitter.

For example, I might could seam my Angletyn afghan this week.

I might could strive to get better photos of Alaris, my cape-poncho-shawl-wrap.

I might could cast on a new project.

Or, I might could cast on two.

Where a to-do list often feels rigid and demanding, the might-could version is upbeat and inviting. Plus, it inherently offers a little wiggle room, which for me definitely adds to its appeal.

So that's it, my Might Could list for the week. What's yours?

To read more of the Might Could story, see Might Could Works.


  1. I like the sound of might could, I definitely need the wiggle room! Mine includes a garter stitch mohair shawl (it feels like it never grows), designing a hat and working on the shawl-ghans for a wedding.

  2. I am laughing at this one. I am always doing might dos lists. My favorites and queue lists on Ravelry are now a mile long. That does not even speak to the books I want to read and the garden and the new recipes. Good thing that I am retired and rarely have a "have to."

  3. Great idea! My Might Could list: Finish a shawl, weave ends on an afghan, and start something new ;)

    1. PS: And I might could frog a few unhappy wips, wind the yarn and return it to the stash, so it can think about what it really wants to be ;)

  4. Very cute! I love the "might could" idea. It is a possibility in which the probability is unknown. :)

  5. I like that idea, I "might could" do some housework tomorrow ;)

  6. I might could read that again, it was very satisfying to find just the perfect phrase for my daily use. As always, a clever read. Good luck on your might could projects!


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