Feb 12, 2017

WIPs | Grey Daze Mitts & Shawl

So far, this winter has been a temperature rollercoaster. Cold. Warm. Cold. Warm. Cold. In other respects, it's been remarkably consistent: Grey. Gloomy. Grey. Overcast. Grey.

Since I'm not a winter person, I happily welcome the comparatively warmer days, but knitting-wise it leads to a split personality. Some days, it's absolutely impossible to have too many warm, woolly knits on one's self, the needles or both. Other days, it's difficult to resist the lure of lighter-weight fibers and spring-like designs. 

At the warm and woolly end of the spectrum, I've been working on a cozy shawl and coordinating fingerless mitts.

The mitts are finished, ready to be blocked and worn. 

The shawl is worked sideways (tip to tip) and the second wing is underway, so it's a little more than halfway done.

I'd hoped to finish the shawl this week, but knitting time has been scarce so that didn't happen.

Grey Daze Shawl & Mitts
Pattern: Kintra Mitts
Pattern: Shawl (personal pattern)
Yarn: Amherst (Valley Yarns)
Colors: Burgundy, Natural, Thistle
Needle: US 10 (6 mm)
Mitts: ~100 yards
Shawl: ~370 yards

Spring is hovering on the distant horizon but it's as capricious as winter, so I'm highly motivated to finish this set, knowing there'll be plenty of opportunities to wear it in the coming weeks (or months).

Once the shawl is completed, the grey streak will come to a temporary halt. There's another predominantly grey project in the planning pipeline, but there are also concept swatches and colorful afghans loudly demanding attention. When projects are complaining at the top of their lungs (as these have been), undivided focus and quality knitting time are the only ways to restore order, soothe their hurt feelings, and silence that annoying, high-pitched whine.

What projects are clamoring for your attention?

To see the FO post, click here.


  1. I love the mitts! And that you have a matching shawl! The weather here has been kind of crazy too. We had snow, then a lot of rain which turned everything to ice, and then below zero temps. And then several feet of snow over the past week and a half...yes several. And now another foot expected tonight. I need all the warm wool I can get at this point!

  2. LOL, my projects talk to me, too!

  3. Don't you just love Amherst yarn? So soft! I've been using it for hats, but can't wait to make myself a sweater.

    Your projects are lovely!


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