Feb 18, 2018

It Might Be a Hat

Well, it was quite a wrestling match, but finally it's come to an end. I have what might be a hat ... or possibly a potholder. In this quick (unblocked) shot, it's a bit difficult to tell, isn't it?

I was ready to frog this fiasco, but I decided I might as well see it through to the end. Things began to look a bit more promising when I tacked the seam ends together.

This simple adaptation made a real difference, and revealed a surprising bonus. The hat looks cute worn with the black trim facing front or back.

And for more good news, it also works with the seams tracking straight up the sides and meeting at the crown. 

The slipped stitch fabric is delightfully plush, the yarn is soft, and the color will be heartwarming on a cold winter's day. What can I say? After the frustrations that have plagued this project, it's gratifying to have a finished piece that's actually wearable.

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