May 6, 2018

WIP | Herlacyn Breeze

After a brief foray into whimsy world, I've cast on another afghan and am making headway. In one short week, Herlacyn Breeze has progressed from this ...

To this.

Strip one is well underway. I've completed the first color segment (Sugar Plum) and am halfway through the second (Lapis). With a bit of luck and some uninterrupted knitting time, I may be able to finish this section and start the next (Caribbean Sea) before the weekend is over.

I'm approaching this as a stashbusting project designed to use scraps and partials leftover from other projects such as Valere Summer Rainbow and Valere Vivid Rainbow. And while the exuberant spontaneity of random scrappy projects can be so appealing, a more controlled approach tends to work best for me. 

Because this is about leftovers, the challenge, of course, is the rather significant variance in yardage, as you can see by the different yarn cake sizes. This prompted a flurry of weighing, calculating and experimentation in an effort to pin down yardage and a color sequence. 

In the end, this version will feature a diagonal gradient similar to Herlacyn Heatwave, worked in a cool palette progressing from deep purple to soft mint green against an offwhite background. I'm eager to see how this all plays out, so I'd better get back to my knitting.


Ombres & Gradients: Which Would You Choose?

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