Apr 22, 2018

What Every Knitter Needs

With Herlacyn blocked and officially in the FO ranks, I decided to turn some of the scraps and leftovers into the one thing every knitter needs.


A new pair of spring-weight mitts worked in a warm gradient ...

 that just happens to match her new favorite afghan.

Goofy? Yes, but it was fun to crank out a fast, easy project that also helped put a dent (however small) in my growing pile of leftovers. And every now and then, what a knitter really needs is a touch of whimsy.



  1. Nice! I have a couple of pair of fingerless and wear them in the mornings when I walk the dogs. And keep a pair in my car. like the colors on yours

    1. Aren't fingerless mitts great?! They're perfect for cool mornings and evenings, and I love the idea of keeping a cheerful pair tucked in the car just in case. I may have to borrow that idea :)


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