Sep 2, 2018

Celebrate the Fruits of Our Labor

In the US, this is Labor Day weekend, a three-day national holiday recognizing the millions of hardworking Americans whose labor keeps the economy humming. 
It seems fitting, therefore, that the afghan that's been consuming my knitting attention is red, white and blue. Last weekend, I was working to fix a frustrating fubar. Because I'd skipped several stitches in the seaming process, the two strips didn't line up as intended. You can clearly see these problems below.

This past week, I slowly, steadily and carefully, tackled the seam one section at a time. True confessions, it took me all week to accomplish this feat. (Did I mention slowly?)

The reworked seam is much, much better. It's not perfect, but there are no missed stitches and the color blocks line up properly. (The angled shot below may make that difficult to see, so you'll have to trust me on this.)

Right now, this WIP is spread out on the work table, partly so I can admire the fruit of my labor and partly so I can figure out how to finish the edges. I've always intended to add a border of some sort, but right now, I'm having an intense internal debate. Should I take a minimalist approach and add a one-row edging to stop the curl and stabilize the edges? Or, should I work a deeper border for a more traditional approach?

If you have thoughts or preferences, I'd love your feedback. While I contemplate these weighty matters, I'll be weaving ends in preparation for finishing. 

Meanwhile, wherever you are, take time to celebrate the fruits of your labor, and if you're in the US, have a relaxing, enjoyable Labor Day!



  1. Personally, I'd do a deep edge, in part because I sometimes find that single rows don't really stop the curling as much as I'd like. It's a wonderful project, though! Well done!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! And excellent point, sometimes a deeper border is the only way to control curl.

  2. I like your clean lines; without seeing/knowing more of what you're working on, or thinking of for an edging, I say keep the edge clean. Beautiful work!

    1. Thank you! Like you, I'm a big fan of "less is more" :)

  3. Replies
    1. What a sweet thing to say. Wish it were so, but it will definitely curl without some type of edging. Onward!


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