Jun 29, 2016

Spotlight | Red, White & Blue Holidays

In the US, we'll soon be enjoying an extended holiday weekend in honor of America's Independence Day (July 4). I'm also sharing a list of red, white and blue holidays, which I hope you'll find useful. 

Many of us enjoy brightening these occasions with our handcrafted items, so this list of patriotic US holidays will help all of us get the maximum enjoyment from the things we make:


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Third Monday: Recognizes his contributions to American society

National Freedom Day. Feb 1: Celebrates the law that abolished slavery
Lincoln's Birthday. Feb 12: Celebrates Abraham Lincoln
Washington's Birthday. Feb 22: Washington was born Feb 22, 1732 (or Feb 11, 1731 using the Julian calendar in effect at that time)
President's Day. Third Monday: A joint holiday to recognize Washington and Lincoln

Loyalty Day. May 1: A time to reaffirm loyalty and celebrate American freedoms
Armed Forces Day. Third Saturday: Recognizes our Armed Forces
Memorial Day. Last Monday: Honors those who've died protecting our freedoms


D-Day. Jun 6: Commemorates the 1944 Normandy landings, the beginning of the end of World War II
Flag Day. Jun 14: Celebrates the adoption of the US flag in 1777


Independence Day. Jul 4: Celebrates the US Declaration of Independence in 1776


Labor Day. First Monday: Recognizes all American workers
Patriot Day. Sep 11: Remembers the 2996 people who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks
Constitution Day. Sep 17: Celebrates the signing of the Constitution in 1787
Citizenship Day. Sep 17: Recognizes the rights and responsibilities of US citizenship
Gold Star Mother's Day. Last Sunday: Honors the mothers of those who've died serving in the US Armed Forces


Veteran's Day. Nov 11: Celebrates all veterans on the anniversary of the World War I Armistice in 1918


Pearl Harbor Day. Dec 7: Honors those who died in the 1941 Pearl Harbor attacks

    With so many opportunities to celebrate, perhaps you'll feel inspired to make something in red, white and blue.

    Have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend one and all, whether or not you're celebrating Independence Day or Canada Day. Meanwhile, if you're seeking inspiration, you might enjoy these posts:

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    1. Very interesting and a good reminder to make the most of the things we craft. Thanks for taking time to compile this list, have a Happy Independence Day!

    2. Wonderful list!!! Thank you for sharing.

    3. I love the red white and blue hearts


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