Nov 11, 2018

Battle of Wills

I've spent much of the past week playing with yarn, stitch patterns and color combos for a new shawl, but as entertaining as these diversions have been, it's time to face facts.

Two out of three pairs of woolly mitts still need to be seamed. Since I'm eager to get this fresh crop into the wearing rotation before winter hits, this is a top priority.

Unfortunately, there are also two afghans languishing in the background. Herlacyn Breeze still needs a proper blocking ...

and the red, white and blue afghan needs a border.

To complicate matters, I have a handful of patterns in near-final form. All they require is a bit of time, concentration and polish, so they can be sent off to the tech editor for review.

This list may not seem long, but we all know I get twitchy if there are too many projects in progress or hovering on the horizon. My inner adult understands this quite well, which is why she keeps reminding me to buckle down, clear the decks and focus on finishing. 

Sadly, in this particular battle of wills, my inner toddler just hums louder in an effort to drown out the nagging voices, while she drags more yarn out of the cupboard. She's having waaay too much fun swatching.

It's Veterans Day in the US, so I wanted to take a moment to thank all veterans for their service. To read more about red, white and blue holidays, click here.


  1. I 'get this' internal struggle SOOOO much!

    1. It's an ongoing battle, isn't it? So glad you understand!


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