Oct 24, 2012

FO | A Very Braidy Cowl

This is an early Christmas gift for a friend who needs a boost. It’s finished and ready to put in the mail.

As I mentioned (WIP | A Very Braidy Cowl), I knit the first few rows in garter and planned to do the same on the BO end, to serve as a button band. The effect was clunky and distracting, so while I worked I thought about ways to finish the ends in a tidy, unobtrusive manner. I'm happy with the solution.

Pattern:  A Very Braidy Cowl (Maryse Roudier)
Yarn: Morehouse Farm Merino 2-Ply
Used: 1 full skein (220 yards)
Color: Pacific
Needles: US 8 (5mm)
Ravelry Project Notes: Here

Before blocking: 24” x 6+
After blocking: 26” x 6+

Left it unseamed, so it could be buttoned closed
Developed a custom, two-stage bind off to reduce cable flare, create tidy ends
Made reversible cuff-link buttons to slip through the cable holes

The yarn is very soft and pleasurable to work with. Occasionally, there are small undyed flecks, which reflect the straight-from-the-farm nature of the yarn. As knit, the cowl was soft, warm, somewhat dense and very cushy. Soaking and blocking made it softer and added some drape.

Next Time
I would definitely make this again, and may make one for myself. For more drape and a lighter fabric, I could go up a needle size. To keep it thick and cozy, I'd skip the soak and simply pin it out, mist it lightly and let it dry.

(Yes, those are hand-painted, custom-matched, reversible cuff-link buttons. Thank you for noticing!)


WIP | A Very Braidy Cowl
How To | Prevent Cable Flare

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