Oct 10, 2012

WIP | A Very Braidy Cowl

I’m knitting A Very Braidy Cowl (Maryse Roudier). It's an early Christmas gift for a friend who’s feeling a bit bereft.

Like many others on Ravelry, I decided to leave it unseamed, so my friend could wrap and button it rather than pull it over her head. Plus, she’s not particularly fond of snug things around her neck, so this way she has more options.

The project is zipping along, which is rewarding. If you need a fast knit for gift-giving, this pattern is a good choice.

I knit the first few rows in garter, but I’m not thrilled with the effect. As you can see in the photos, it looks a bit clunky.

I’ve decided to keep knitting while I think about ways to create a tidy, but less obtrusive edging and button band. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the Morehouse Farm Merino 2-Ply, which is soft, cushy and a pleasure to work with.

I violated my own self-imposed rule of swatch-before-I-leap, however, so I have no clue what effect soaking and blocking may have on the yarn or the finished project.

Sometimes, when you see a friend in need, you just have to cast on. Right?


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