Feb 26, 2013

Invaders from Planet Yarn

This photo provides incontrovertible evidence my house was invaded by the advance occupying forces from Planet Yarn.

The invaders appear to be winning, don't they?

Taken last summer, this snapshot shows the dining room table, chairs and credenza. Every surface is covered  with yarn, swatches, notes, patterns, test knits, finished projects and work in process.

Equally disturbing is the knowledge that outside the frame there's a large bin of yarn full to the brim, and two additional chairs heaped with more swatches, notes and pattern options. And that's just the dining room.

When I emailed this pic to a friend, I titled it Total Chaos. She replied, "Relax, it's just part of the creative process." (Is that a wonderful friend, or what? And she's not even a knitter ...)

Nonetheless, this terrifying image made me realize it was way past time to stiffen my spine, recapture this strategic territory, and confront the yarny invaders  no matter how soft and beguiling they might seem.

So, tell me. What do you see: Chaos? Or a natural part of the creative process?

What does your knitting space look like when you're in the throes of multiple projects all at different stages of development or execution?

I showed you mine. Are you willing to show me yours?


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  1. You call that chaos?! I couldn't even find my camera to send a photo of mine. In fact, would you please send a search party for me?

    Great article, see you at the next support group meeting : )

    p.s. I will have to use the alien excuse next time. I also have been invaded in my kitchen

  2. Hang in there, the search party is on its way ...

  3. I agree with your friend. At the same time I can see how organizing it visually might help to organize it mentally. Keep at it you'll get it all worked out!


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