Jun 26, 2013

WIP | The Power of Pure Increase

For the month of June, the Stash Knit Down group has been sponsoring a contest associated with Juno, the Roman goddess. Juno ruled family, marriage, childbirth and money, and the month of June is of course named after her.

The timing is perfect, since I've wanted for some time to practice various increases to see how they work with different stitches and configurations. In the US, green is the color of money. The phrase "green back" is slang for dollar, since the dollar is (or at least used to be) green. So, this effort seemed a good way to use up some of the green yarn that had not yet found the right project.

I've finished a couple of these test knits, but I have many more to do, which means this overall learning endeavor is definitely a work in progress. This one is my personal adaptation of the reverse miter square technique, so all the shaping is accomplished solely with increases. It's done in seed stitch with centered kfb (knit into the front and back of the stitch).

Here they are hot off the needles and unblocked. As you can see, the end result is simple and straightforward. To get to this point, I confess I had to knit, rip and restart countless times. (Yes, my middle name is Stubborn. Why do you ask?)
Front: Pure Increase
Back: Pure Increase

I'll be making more of these, which I've casually been referring to as prosperity cloths. Why? True prosperity involves far more than money, and it occurs to me that most of us would welcome more genuine prosperity into our lives. Today. Tomorrow. And the day after that, too.

These simple cloths just might be the ideal way to test the power of pure increase. What do you think?

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  1. Love the concept, love the seed stitch cloths. And you're right: There's no such thing as too much true prosperity.

    1. Thank you, Noni. And I agree: There's no such thing as too much prosperity, since it refers to so much more than money.

  2. The thing I like about KFB is no holes. That being said I've been doing a lot of M1s lately. Love the whole prosperity vibe .. but lately I've been thinking it's got more to do with physical and mental health,

    1. Kfb is fast and and easy, and like you, I love the no-hole result. And I couldn't agree more, physical and mental health and well-being are a vital part of true prosperity.


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