Jul 5, 2013

FO | Small Fri

On Wednesday, readers shared an interesting and amusing array of guesses regarding this little work in progress.

Was it a fireworks holder? A bunny? The start of a blanket, hopefully one made just for them? Or perhaps it was decor for Fourth of July, another mitered square?

The last guesses hit the mark. The WIP above turned into the reverse mitered square below. I'm still making my power of pure increase cloths to practice centered increases in seed stitch, because yes, I can be a bit weird that way.

As you well know, color changes in seed stitch produce a woven rather than crisp color shift, which is evident in the white and red stripes. At first I wasn't sure I liked it, but it's growing on me. What do you think?
While I was in the red, white and blue mind set, I also frogged the upper third of the reverse mitered cloth (garter stitch) below and reknit it. Somehow my increases had strayed from the center line, and while it wasn't a screamingly obvious error, it annoyed me. If the goal is to master neat and tidy centered increases ... well, there was no choice, it had to be fixed.
There's nothing flashy about either one, as you can see. But wait, take a moment to study the photos. The same basic technique produces what appears to be an upward angle on the seed stitch cloth and a downward angle on the garter one. Interesting, non?

All of the red, white and blue pieces so far have been shown unblocked, hot off the needles. There's another piece on the blocking board, however, an experimental double-layered hot/cold pad. I'd show it to you, but there are so many pins in it, it's a bit difficult to see the actual knitted thing. Let's hold that for another day, okay?

That's it. A couple of very small FOs, for a quiet, small Fri(day).

We're continuing to celebrate Independence Day in America, but wherever you are, I wish you a wonderful weekend. It's Friday, so visit Tami's Amis to see what creative folks like you are busy making and doing.


  1. Simple and striking. Perfect.

  2. These turned out great! Love the addition of the stars. These would make cute coasters. Or wouldn't they look so festive strung up as bunting? Great for Memorial Day & Fourth of July.


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