Jul 3, 2013

WIP | Three Guesses

This is a week filled with holidays. Monday was Canada Day and tomorrow is Independence Day in the US, and both occasions are excellent reasons for celebration.

There are many things on the needles and in various stages of progress (or deliberate neglect). This seemed to be the right WIP to highlight today.

It's a mystery, I know. What could it possibly be? You get three guesses ...

Today is WIP Wednesday, so be sure to check out all the lovely crafting at Tami's Amis and Ginny's Yarn Along. Meanwhile, Happy Canada Day to Canadian readers and Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans, wherever you happen to be.


  1. That looks suspiciously like the beginning of my mitered square blanket!!!!

  2. My first guess: A bunny?

  3. I'm voting something mitered. Happy Canada day many days late :) Whatever you are knitting it's patriotic in colors!

  4. Happy 4th of July !!! Is it the start of a blanket. X

  5. Is it some sort of decor for your celebration? Have a safe and happy holiday!

  6. A holder for your fireworks?

  7. Love the red, white, and blue theme. Happy Fourth of July to you!


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