Nov 13, 2013

WIP | Possible Progress

The latest version of my reversible cable rib afghan, Breidan Berry is moving along at a steady if not dazzling pace. All five strips are finished, and I'm poised to begin assembling them as soon as I can muster a block of time to focus on that task.

Today is cold but sunny, so there's a (remote) possibility I'll try to capture a better picture. Here's how it looks right now.

I confess I'm happy to have found such a fast, easy and useful way to knit the stash. When this berry version is complete, it will be the third of the reversible cable afghans for the year and so far, each one has been in near-continuous use since the moment the last strands were woven in.

These practical facts may explain why I already have another one on the needles. Or perhaps I'm simply showing signs of a full-blown afghan addiction.

Take your pick.

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  1. Love those colors! Looking forward to seeing the FO, but I get it. Seaming takes time and concentration.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket! I always have a hard time getting in the "seaming" frame of mind, too!

  3. Very clever cable afghans - I should start one of those!

  4. *wow* that is a lot of seaming ...

    When I found a way to destash my huge stash of crappy acrylic, I hit that idea like a bad stepchild. It was great to get so much destashing done!

  5. Love the colors!! very pretty! I look forward to seeing it finished!!

  6. Your afghan is going to be beautiful when finished. Love the colors.


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