Apr 21, 2014

Love the One You're With

As knitters and fiber fanatics, we all have our little obsessions. I alluded to some of them in my last post, The Odd Ball.

One very obvious obsession I neglected to mention is my fascination with reversible stitches. While some obsessions are transient, this one is here to stay.

There’s nothing I like better than discovering a simple stitch combination that creates two attractive sides. It would be fair to say that through the years, I’ve invested a great deal of time, energy and effort in finding and experimenting with stitches that meet that criteria and have developed quite a collection as a result.

Last year, I was totally entranced with the reversible Cable Rib. I knit swatches, made spa cloths and created three afghans using that particular stitch.

This year, I’ve developed a passion for fluted combinations like the reversible fluted rib stitch I used for Twegen. I've swatched and made dish cloths and completed three afghans using a two-toned version of the stitch.

The fluted ridge stitch is a recent discovery, something I ran across by accident. It’s similar to the fluted rib, but just different enough to hold my interest. I made a couple of swatches to test its versatility, experiment with needle sizes and see what happened when it’s worked in two colors. 

It's simple and understated in solid shades, and attractive and interesting in two colors. You’ll recognize it, because that’s the stitch in the current Drumlin afghan WIP, which I've been quietly assembling in the background.

Where reversible stitches are concerned, it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole and become intrigued by the infinite possibilities different combinations of colors, yarns and needle sizes represent.
Right now, I’m in infatuated with the fluted ridge stitch and the potential it offers. So much so, in fact, I’m already swatching for the next afghan.

There’s no doubt about it, I tend to love the one I’m with.

The pattern for the Drumlin afghan is now available.


  1. Your love of reversible stitches comes through beautifully in this post.

  2. A simple one I like that looks good on both sides is alternating rows of knit one row, P1K1 one row. It's not nearly as fancy as yours, but it makes a nice reversible pattern.

  3. This is why I love knitting so much, the stitches are simple but put them together in a particular order and you can create beautiful fabrics like this. I love the colours in your latest afghan

  4. Knitting is amazing isn't it, the combinations and permutations of two stitches are incredible!

  5. Your swatches are tempting me into making a reversible afghan! Very pretty indeed :)


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