Jul 5, 2015

Call of the Wool

Last summer, I donned my Frog Princess crown and devoted many sticky, steamy days to undoing a variety of projects that simply weren't working. As painful as that process can be, the end result is always quite satisfying.

I thought I'd frogged everything, but somehow I overlooked a nearly finished boxy vest worked in lovely bulky merino. I'm now systematically frogging those pieces and caking the yarn as time permits, and this is just a small sampling of what's been reclaimed.

It's peak summer in this part of the world, so I should be knitting light fibers and airy designs. Instead, I feel a driving desire to tackle this heap of warm wooliness and cast on something simple, fast and easy.

An idea is beginning to form, but it's way too soon to declare victory. First, I have to consult the yarn in question, because in the past, it's stubbornly resisted every effort to be converted into something productive.

Translation: The pile of swatches is growing.

This trend will continue, while I search for that enticing but elusive mix of yarn, stitch, needle and design that beckons to be knit.

It may be summer, but this much is clear: The call of the wool cannot be denied.

This yarn is gradually finding its destiny in a range of projects:
FO | Flashpoint Bright & Bold
WIP | Color Me Happy
FO | Angletyn Vivid


  1. Fast projects are fun, looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

  2. All of the swatches are so lovely! I don't think I have ever knit a swatch before...I know that I am supposed to, but I never do and then hope for the best. I love that color too.

  3. That is a lot of wonderful yarn you've reclaimed. And the swatches look like great creations themselves. :^)

  4. Mmm gorgeous, I'm working with reclaimed yarn myself, feels virtuous somehow!

  5. That pesky frog seems to be visiting a whole lot of us. Your wool and swatches are lovely. I hope you figure out what is best soon.

  6. I recently frogged several things...mixed feelings...


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