Sep 13, 2015

I Do It I Self

From the moment she was born, my friend's daughter had a very independent spirit. Once she learned to talk, this was even more evident, since "I do it I self" was her favorite and most frequently repeated phrase.

I can relate and some of you can, too.

For many of us, "I do it I self" goes a long way toward explaining why we knit. Whether we're making an afghan, shawl or sweater, it's often the only way to get the precise combination of color, fiber, stitch and style we desire.

In extreme cases, "I do it I self" begins to prompt us to do wacky things such as designing from scratch specific items we want to knit.

Which brings me to this recent endeavor. I'm working on a stealth-mode Christmas knit and I decided it needed a little accent piece.

Nothing fancy, just a simple hand knit bow.

While I'm sure I could find a pattern out there that would more or less fit the bill, for all the quirky reasons that make us who we are as knitters ...

I do it I self. Over and over and over again.


  1. YES! there is something about doing it yourself! and i love those little bows. :)

  2. Oh yes, there's as much satisfaction in the trying to figure it out as there is in the finished product - if we just wanted jumpers we'd buy them!

  3. hehehe, i so get it!!!! they came out great but i am left wondering....what is the project?!?!

  4. That I can do it myself it a great attitude to have.
    Love the bow ties and think they will make great accents to your
    Christmas gifts.

  5. I like that bright yellow bulky yarn!
    Smart! Your attitude reminds me of EZ and Knitting Without Tears.

  6. Wow, I'm intrigued to see what these will turn into. I adore this colour, the yarn looks super soft.

  7. I totally relate! I look at it as a way to keep my brain engaged and growing. Trying and altering until I get what I am looking for.

  8. Love those bow ties! So cheerful in that shade of yellow--can't wait to see what they're embellishing ...

  9. Oh yes, I also think that when I eat out, I never order something I can do myself! Love those bows, they are perfect.

  10. Pretty little bows! And yup, that's the perfect excuse to knit :)

  11. haha how cute. :) I'm definitely in that place as well... I just don't quite have the skills to back it up. Yet. :)

  12. Feel so fortunate to have found you, you give such depth to knitting which makes things better for me. Thank you :) plus bows are so cute


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