Oct 29, 2016

FO | Lucben Tidepool

If you blinked, it's likely you missed it. I shared a fleeting glimpse of Lucben Tidepool while work was in progress, but now it's officially finished. 

From start to finish, this was a quick, satisfying knit. The frequent color changes were motivating and the twisted stitch was easy to work, which helped speed things along even late at night when my last few grey cells were sputtering. It went from cast on to weaving ends and blocking in just four weeks. (For me, that's fast.)

Like the rose versionTidepool features five colors arranged on the diagonal, shifting from mint green to saturated teal for a modified gradient or ombre effect. The cotton-wool blend (Cotton Fleece) gives the stitches nice definition and creates a blanket suitable for year-round use and ideal for this time of year. 

From light to dark (top to bottom), the colors are:
  • Spryte
  • Rue
  • Light Jade
  • Wild Sage
  • New Age Teal
Strip construction kept work in progress compact and streamlined assembly. To make it even easier to align the color blocks and contrasting bands, I wove ends and steamed the strips before seaming. Once the borders were finished, there were a few final ends to weave and the afghan was ready to block. 

As you can see, the colors shift dramatically when the skies turn cloudy, but the end result is a reversible blanket with an appealing texture on both sides:

Afghan | Lucben Tidepool
Yarn: Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep)
Needles: US 8 (5 mm)
Yardage: 450 yards (approx)
Size: XS Square (car seat/stroller)

Every knitter relishes the satisfaction that accompanies a freshly finished object, but it's especially true for those of us who are slow knitters, so I'm pausing momentarily to bask in the warm FO glow.

That said, I am (as always) tempted to cast on another (perhaps in neutrals), but other projects are vying for attention. There are more Christmas Trees to make, a new project on the needles, and several patterns demanding a little time and focused effort before they head to the tech editor.

Obviously, knitting season is in full swing in my little corner of the world. What projects are clamoring for your attention this week?

Pattern | Lucben Reversible Afghan
WIP | Lucben Tidepool
WIP | Lucben Rose
Stashbusting Strategies (Part II) includes color strategies for Lucben


  1. I'm working on another afghan at the moment, but both your Lucbens are enticing. Looks like more afghans are in my future!

    1. The wonderful thing about a pattern is it will be patiently waiting for you when you're ready : )

  2. Those are my favorite colors! I so need to add this to my queue. Yours is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Laura, I'm so glad you like it! I confess I'm rather enamored with the color combo, too ;)

  3. I can see how these could easily get addictive - especially if you went even bigger and added more blocks ... (must concentrate on Christmas knitting and not get distracted!!)

    1. You're right, it can be rather addictive! Since I'm a dedicated enabler, the pattern includes directions for scaling blocks up or down, adding more blocks, or doing a mix of both.

      Meanwhile, like you, I need to turn my attention to some Christmas knitting ;)

  4. Beautiful work, I like that it's so pretty on both sides


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