Nov 20, 2016

COAT Weather Returns

Someone (not naming names of course) has been suffering from a clear case of startitis.

This means many things are popping onto the needles where they linger unfinished, because ... LIGHT BULB ... a new idea surfaces and suddenly I'm casting on all the things (COAT). Again.

From past experience, we know this tends to happen this time of year. Temperatures are plummeting, the winds are blowing, the holidays are coming, and like a pressure cooker, the desire for all things hand knit keeps building and building and building.

When that happens, you may suddenly find yourself facing a WIP lineup that looks something like this:

1. Afghan: Tikkyn pattern in worsted weight greys with burgundy. (See the FO here.)

2. Afghan: Multiple colors in worsted weight.

3. Afghan: Multiple colors in bulky weight.

4. Christmas Tree Ornaments: Smaller trees in lighter weight yarns. (See more here.)

5. Christmas Decorations: Red, cream and green in bulky weight wool.

6. Mitts: Kintra in teal and lake sport weight.

7. Mitts: Burgundy in fingering/sock weight.

8. Mitts: Wyndfael pattern in turquoise worsted weight. (See the FO here.)

9. Coaster: Sweet Heart pattern in red, white and blue.

10. Mitts: Kintra pattern in black, grey, cream and burgundy. (See the FO here.)

Ten projects! 

For some of you, that's normal, but for me, it's way too many. Three is my magic number, and in a perfect world, that mix includes something small and fast (Christmas trees or mitts or coasters), something mid-range (scarf or shawl), and something larger (afghan or sweater).

Some of these projects have real deadlines, and with three large and seven small ones in the works, my knitting scales are completely out of balance. In an effort to regain some semblance of sanity and order, I'm participating in the Stash Knit Down Black Sheep Virtual Retreat, which lasts through Monday, November 28.

Whether you're focused on holiday knitting or simply facing a daunting pile of WIPs like me, you might want to join the fun. The guidelines are broad and inclusive, and the SKD folks are upbeat, encouraging and supportive. 

The timing couldn't be better, because in this corner of the world, COAT weather has returned with a vengeance.

I'm grateful for many things, including all of you. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, food and fiber!

As items are finished and patterns are released, I'll add links to the FO and pattern posts.


  1. Wow that is a virulent case of startitis! Three's a good number for me too - one big, one little and my never ending crochet blanket; I couldn't cope with much more!


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