Nov 13, 2016

Little Things, Big Difference

Years ago we collectively concluded there is no such thing as too many mitts, which is a very good thing since I'm in full mitt-making mode.

When last you saw these, I had just cast on and progress was modest at best:

I felt a tiny twinge of guilt casting on a fresh project when there are so many other things on the needles. Luckily, my current go-to design is super-simple and so fast and easy, that humble start went from nothing to something in a very short time.

Kintra Oyster Bay Mitts | Fast, Easy & Reversible
Pattern: Kintra Mitts
Yarns: Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep); Wool Cotton 4-Ply (Rowan)
Yardage: 118 yards 
Weight: Sport/fingering
Needle: US 7 (4.5 mm)
Size: M

These mitts are the ideal complement to my Oyster Bay Dojeling shawl, even though the yarns are completely different. (The shawl features Quince & Co Tern.) The colors aren't an exact match, but pairing the aqua Wool Cotton with a rather odd grey-green Cotton Fleece created a color blend that (to my eye) works rather well.

With Thanksgiving on the horizon and Christmas close behind, I should be laser-focused on holiday knits. This quick project, however, offered the tantalizing prospect of finally checking off an item that's lingered on my goal list for more than a year, so I couldn't resist. Now, with a fresh pair of non-matchy-matchy mitts to coordinate with one of my favorite shawls, I'm feeling inspired. 

Perhaps that explains why I've cast on more mitts with exactly the same goal: Creating a complementary pair to coordinate with my softest winter scarf. It's light, lush and pretty, but it rarely sees daylight. Will the simple addition of mitts change that? Or am I being delusional? 

We shall see, but for now, I'm putting my trust in this simple truth: Little things often make a very big difference. 

The Kintra Mitts pattern has been released. To buy it now, click here. To read more about it, click here.


  1. Pretty! And such a clever solution to use yarns that are close but not quite the same to complement the shawl. Looking forward to the pattern.

    1. Thanks, Noni. I'm pleased with the way the mitts worked out and was doubly delighted to be able to make them from stash.

  2. so very pretty and they look perfect together. love, love, love the mitt pattern!!!

    1. Thanks, Debbie, I'm so glad you like them! This pattern is my new favorite go-to for mitts :)

  3. It's the little things! Love the mitts and the coordination with your shawl. The color is great!

    1. Thanks and you're right: It's the little things :)

  4. Those are lovely! And that shawl is amazing!


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