Oct 9, 2016

Intermittent Progress

Fall has arrived, and while the weather has been mild, mornings and evenings are cool. The temperatures are perfect for transitional knits, so the Alaris and Dojeling shawls have emerged from summer hibernation and are beginning to see daily action.

And therein lies the rub. For nearly a year, I've wanted to make a pair of mitts to coordinate with this version of Dojeling (Oyster Bay):

I suspect I'm a bit of an oddball here, but in my world mitts get more wear than any other item, scarves and shawls included. From early fall through late spring, they're constantly present, keeping my wrists and hands warm in my perpetually chilly office and my sometimes drafty knitting corner. Me Made Mondays demonstrated this beyond question. Other particulars vary, but almost every week, my Me Made attire includes a pair of mitts.

As much as I admire the exquisite, intricate versions so many knitters make, for daily wear, I prefer a streamlined, no-fuss design that leaves my fingers and thumbs free. That way, I can wear mitts all day, whether I'm working on the computer, sketching, doing paperwork, tackling chores, running errands, or knitting.

In a previous post, CathieJ commented she loved mitts but hated cold fingers. Me, too, hence the need for mitts indoors and out. If it's cold outside I wear traditional gloves, but I don't remove my mitts. I just pop out my thumbs and push the mitts down into scrunchy gauntlets or folded cuffs. When winter arrives, I may try Kathi B's fun suggestion, and wear mitts over my gloves like her sister does.

With all these wearing options both real and planned, clearly I need more mitts. Lucben Tidepool is in  the finishing stages and colder temperatures are on the horizon, so the time seems right to take a quick detour and cast on a pair.

There are too many things in the pipeline already, so I'm keeping things simple. After much swatching and ripping, I abandoned the cream and variegated yarns shown above, and opted instead to pair the blue (Rowan Wool Cotton) with an understated grey (Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece) that blends a bit better with the shawl.

There's not yet much to show, but for the time being, I'm relishing these small signs of intermittent progress.

What's on your needles?

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  1. Looks like you're off to a good start, and signs of progress no matter how small are always welcome, right? Plus, you can never have too many mitts!

    1. So true, no such thing as too many mitts :)

  2. Such beautiful colors and textures!

    1. Thank you, Alina, I'm glad you like them.

  3. Gorgeous colors. What material are they?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Amy.

      The mitts are two different wool-cotton blends (blue: Rowan Wool Cotton; grey: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece).

      The shawl features Tern, a wool-silk blend from Quince & Co.


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