Oct 22, 2017

WIP | Kintra Nearly Neutral Cowl

For several reasons lately, neutrals have been dominating my thinking. They're a central component in a work project and they've surfaced on the needle in the form of this new cowl, so one way or another, there are neutrals everywhere I look.

Trendwise, the neutral landscape is beginning to shift. Shades of grey from silver to charcoal have been the neutral of choice for close to a decade, but earthy tones in taupe, sand, khaki and brown are once again surfacing in home decor and designer fashions. And while saturated colors are often at the heart of my personal knitting projects, through the years, neutrals have routinely appeared in the form of mitts, shawls and neckwarmers, as well as afghans, pillow covers and more.

Last fall, for example, I was busily knitting Kintra mitts in all sorts of color combinations. While I love and wear them all, this pair has become a particular favorite:

Worked in three shades of Tajmahal (cream, grey and black), they're so light, soft and remarkably warm, I've been longing for a coordinating cowl to snuggle around my neck when the weather turns cold. With winter on the horizon, the time seemed right to cast on and continue my mission to make the most of my handknits by creating a complementary set. And unlike the Grey Daze duo, which features a very cool grey coupled with cream, the Tajmahal grey is quite warm with definite brownish undertones.

Kintra Cowl:  Nearly Neutral
Pattern: In development
Yarn: Tajmahal (Lane Cervinia, GGH)
Needles: US 8 (5mm)
Dimensions: ~6 x 45 ins

Because lately we've been exploring DIY ombres and gradients in all their fascinating forms, I'm using just three colors to create a five-stage gradient that fades from black to gray and from gray to cream. The first two sections are complete, and I'm ready to begin the middle section, which will be worked in solid grey.

Meanwhile, there are decisions to be made. Add the red accent stripe or skip it? Seam the cowl or use a button closure instead? Block it aggressively to maximize width or use a light touch to preserve the plush, corrugated texture? As luck would have it, there will be plenty of time to contemplate these deep issues while I tackle the remaining sections.

Looking for the Kintra Cowl pattern? Hang in there, it's in development and nearly ready to send to the tech editor!


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