Jul 7, 2019

Winding the Rainbow

We've had so much rain lately, I can't recall the last time we had a clear, sunny day. To combat the gloom, I've been gradually winding the rainbow yarn. 

The rich, saturated shades are the perfect antidote, and the touch of silk imparts a sheen that's especially appealing when the skies are gray.
This yarn is destined to become a shawl or wrap or cowl or some combination thereof, so while I wound, I took the opportunity to play a bit with color options. The assortment above features five colors (no magenta), for example, while the others feature six. 

I freely confess I lingered over the caking process, partly to simply wallow in this soothing task and partly to think through some issues I'm having with one of the designs I'm working on. 
Now that all the yarn is wound, I'm chomping at the bit and eager to cast on, but hopefully cooler heads will prevail. Several projects either on the needles or in the final finishing stages could in a relatively short period of time go from WIPs to FOs, if I could simply muster the discipline to make it happen.

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