Dec 4, 2013

WIP | There's Still Time

Feeling pressed for time? Me, too. Wrangling a list longer than you are tall? Me, too. Scrambling to get everything done before Christmas? Me, too.

The holiday season is always hectic, but it seems even more so this year for a mix of reasons. My solution? I'm trying like the dickens to keep things absolutely as simple as possible.

Knitting seems to be the one place that approach is working. As you can see, I'm tackling yet another pair of Last-Minute Mitts. Why?

They're fast, fun and easy. They're so simple, the yarn does most of the work. They're practical and will get worn. They're proving to be the ideal way to use those odd skeins of yarn lurking in my stash. Equally (or more) important, they're a completely manageable challenge, even though both my time and mental bandwidth are severely limited.

In fact, it's quite possible everyone on my gift list will get a pair. But why rush into a decision today? There's still time. Right?

UPDATE: Pattern | Last-Minute Mitts

It's WIP Wednesday once again, so check out the lovely crafters at Frontier DreamsSmall Things and Tami's Amis.


  1. They look soft and cozy. Can't wait to see the FO ... and the pattern. (Hint, hint)

  2. They look lovely and cosy. Nothing wrong with a simpler knit when your brain needs a break :) Love the yarn colour

  3. "Feeling pressed for time?" Me too. Can't wait to see how they turn out. AND... I can't wait until you have patterns for some of these fast and easy projects - they're great.

  4. I love the color of those knits. I agree with the pressed for time. Just started a hat for my son. Wondering if I will be able to make one for my hubby too.

  5. Those mits look really pretty, they will be truly appreciated by the person who gets them! Love the yarn color too!


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