Mar 23, 2014

Rumor Has It

Rumor has it spring has sprung. If this is true where you live, congratulations. (I freely admit to feeling a slight twinge of envy.)

In this corner of the world, the persistent blanket of snow has disappeared (for now) and we’ve experienced a few tiny glimmers that hint at the tantalizing possibility spring might one day arrive … eventually. While these subtle signs are welcome, I'm not holding my breath. It will be mid-May before the official frost date indicates the chance of a hard freeze has passed in this area.

Meanwhile, I've been spending lots of long days in the office cranking to meet deadlines. My office is on the chilly side, so I rely on layers of knits to keep me warm. Today, for example, I'm wearing a sturdy turtleneck, a red felted vest and an ancient Ralph Lauren lambswool cardigan. 

Regular readers know I wear fingerless mitts all day almost every day because my hands tend to get cold. Today, I’m wearing a pair of Last-Minute Mitts. If I run into a task where the mitts are in the way, I can just pop my thumb out of the thumbhole, push the mitts down to my wrists and wear them like cufflets.

Lap-sized afghans have been my constant companions this winter. Today, I’m using the Color Check afghan and am relishing every scrap of warmth it has to offer. (Did I mention my office tends to be cold?)

Even the beverages have their own handknit accessories. I started the day with hot coffee as shown, but I'll soon switch to hot tea. When I'm working against deadlines, it takes a delicate balance of caffeine to keep the mental engine fired up but not overly revved.

In spite of the fact that it's freezing outside, cold inside and local weather forecasters are predicting more snow this week, rumor has it spring has sprung.

My mother always told me not to listen to rumors. Clearly she was right.


  1. Too true! And I just learned yet another snowstorm is heading our way ...

  2. Aw hope you warm up soon. I love your blanket, it's beautiful.Your wrist warmers look nice and cosy too, gorgeous green

  3. We haven't found Spring here either. A dusting of snow overnight and this morning soon melted in the sun, but the cold wind blowing is a reminder is going out like a petulant child! LOL

  4. Hope Spring is coming your way very soon!
    I love your wrist warmers!

  5. Oh yeah it's Spring here - excuse the blowing snow and howling wind today. Blankets have been my constant friend this year too. I'm so over this whole winter thing. Happy knitting!

  6. Another really nice afghan. You do great work!

  7. oh dear, well the mitts are very pretty. come on spring!

  8. That is such a pretty afghan :) And yep I'm waiting for spring too

  9. Ooh I love the swafghan. The colors especially! Spring has refused to spring here too. I never thought I'd be so tired of snow as I am this year!

  10. What a wonderful blanket, and your mitts are very pretty.
    Have a beautiful week.

  11. I love all those knits. The mitts and blanket are just gorgeous. The blanket looks so very warm and cozy. Not much spring here either. Although today is in the 50s it is cloudy and sort of raw. I'm looking forward to seeing some sun sometime soon.


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