Sep 28, 2014

Pattern | Twegen Reversible Afghan

Are you longing to make something simple, soft and cozy? If so, Twegen might well be the solution.

Many of you are familiar with the basics: Twegen is fast, easy and reversible, the strips work up quickly, and the slip stitch creates gently fluted columns on the front ...

with fluted ribs on the back.
This charming quality led to the name Twegen, an Old English word for two, because one stitch produces a fully reversible fabric. Each side has its own distinct appearance and appeal, which offers advantages you'll appreciate. 

With Twegen, the:
  • Stitch is easy to execute, easy to memorize, extremely versatile and unisex. Worked in solid or tonal yarns, it creates a subtle but interesting texture. Worked in two colors, it creates a pleasing tone-on-tone or high-contrast effect based on the colors you choose. Worked in a solid combined with a variegated, speckled or confetti yarn, it effectively tames wayward skeins.
  • Colorwork is simple and straightforward, because only one color is worked on a row. There’s absolutely no stranding involved and the inactive color is carried up the side. 
  • Strip strategy keeps your project compact and portable. It’s easy to work a few quick rows on the run, so you can knit afghans anytime and anywhere without the weight of a full blanket in your lap. 
  • Seaming method features a modified three-needle bind off. It’s fast, easy and reliable, so assembly goes quickly and smoothly. 
  • Pattern is simple enough for any moderately experienced beginner. It's concise but comprehensive, and includes a basic schematic, directions, stitch counts, yardage breakouts, and dimensions for three sizes: small (baby) to medium (lapghan) and large (throw).
  • Yarn can accommodate your preference. Twegen is particularly well-suited to fiber with a bit of memory (wool and wool blends are ideal), but the stitch and design readily adapt to different weights and fiber types.
  • Design is highly customizable. Create a classic look with luscious yarn in a single color, knit a mix-and-match version to make the most of yarn from stash, or do both.

The versions shown feature mid-weight cotton-wool blends that produce afghans perfect for year-round use, but both the pattern and stitch accommodate virtually any fiber blend and weight you might choose.

The examples combine two colors in each strip for a tone-on-tone or ombre effect (the ideal way to transform orphan skeins and singletons into something pretty and useful), but the streamlined design makes it easy to create something subtle and sophisticated in solid neutrals, cheerful and charming in rainbow shades, or fresh and fun in speckled, confetti or variegated yarns.

Twegen | Fast & Easy Reversible Afghan
Skill Level 2: Easy
Yarn: Worsted weight, adapts to any weight and multi-stranding
Shown: Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep), Four Seasons (Classic Elite)
Needles: US 9 (5.5 mm), US 10 (6.0 mm)
Sizes: S (baby)  M (lapghan)  L (throw)
Yardage (approx.): 900 (S), 1400 (M), 2000 (L)

You’re talented and creative knitters, which means I truly can’t wait to see the wonderful variations you’ll produce. Once you discover how fast, easy and versatile this pattern is, you may find yourself making Twegen over and over again for family, friends and loved ones.

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  1. So, so lovely! Thanks for making your design available!

  2. I'm so excited to make this pattern when I go home for christmas. I have a ton of stashed acrylics from when I was first learning how to knit in all sorts of shades of greens and greys. They will make such a great blanket with this variation!

  3. Gorgeous-this would make a really nice travel project!

  4. Your work looks gorgeous! I think the colors and stitches are beautiful!

  5. Wow, that's so beautiful. Beyond my knitting skills at the moment, but hopefully one day. I love the colours of the purples/blues one, just gorgeous.

  6. Oh, I love the pattern. I really like that it's reversible.

  7. Love the pattern and all of the colors you chose.

  8. Lovely colors!!


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